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  • We assume you agree this Terms & Conditions and Intel’s Terms & Condition as provided in the following link when you participate in this event.
  • In order to be eligible to participate in this event, you must purchase Promoted Products and obtain the Proof of Purchase of the Promoted Product during the promotion period. The deadline of the Master Key’s redemption is February 28, 2019. After the redemption period, the Master Key will be invalid. The quantity of Intel® Free Software Bundle is limited and this offer is valid while supplies last.
  • Participant of this event must be an end consumer. Providing distributor’s, agent’s or ASRock‘s name or email address for registration instead of yours can cause cancellation of your eligibility to this event. In order to protect our consumers’ rights, we do not accept any third party to apply this event on your behalf.
    You should upload the qualified proof of purchase as follows (the “Proof of Purchase”):
    •  If you provide a paper invoice as Proof of Purchase, the invoice must show Promoted Product model, date of purchase, and invoice number. If the information shown on the paper invoice is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or difficult to be identified, such invoice will not be approved.
    •  If you provide an electronic invoice as Proof of Purchase, you should additionally attach a photo of the Promoted Product box which shows its serial number. If you provide an electronic invoice only, such invoice will not be approved.

    For verification purpose, you should keep the original Proof of Purchase until you receive Intel® Free Software Bundle. If we are unable to confirm your eligibility due to any loss or damage of Proof of Purchase, your eligibility will be considered as disqualification.
  • Each serial number of a Promoted Product can only be redeemed once. If you apply for replacement of Promoted Product, you are not allowed to receive Master Key again. If you apply for return of Promoted Product, your Master Key may be invalidated without any time limitation. If the information provided by you is false, incorrect, incomplete, or difficult to be identified, your registration will be considered not completed. We are entitled to cancel your eligibility and reserve all rights to take legal actions against you.
  • THE INTEL® FREE SOFTWARE BUNDLE IS PROVIDED AS IS. You are not allowed to exchange Intel® Free Software Bundle for other items, cash or discount.
  • ASRock does not provide any warranty of the Intel® Free Software Bundle. If you have any question relating to Intel® Free Software Bundle during the redemption period, such as Master Key is invalid, Master Key is expired, redemption limitation has reached, installation issues, or ISV issues, please click "Support" at the bottom of website, or directly contact Intel for assistance.
  • If there is any delay, loss, error or damage to your information arising from your computer, internet or other matters which are not attributable to ASRock when you send or register your information on the ASRock® Event Website, we will neither resend the Master Key, nor be liable for any responsibility. You shall not raise any objection.
  • You provide your personal information upon your sole discretion. However, if the personal information you provide is incorrect or incomplete; it may affect your eligibility.
  • We collect and process your personal information, including your name, email, purchased product, purchased country/region, and Proof of Purchase, for the purpose of holding this event, including verifying participants’ eligibility and sending Intel® Free Software Bundle. If you are from EU area, you understand and agree that your personal information will be transferred to Non-EU countries, including USA and Taiwan. We will delete all the participants’ personal information after the event. Regarding ASRock’s privacy policy, please visit here.
  • If there is any unmentioned matter herein, we reserve all rights to approve, change, modify or cancel this event. If there is any change to this event, the announcement on ASRock® Event Website shall prevail, and we will not notify you otherwise. ASRock deems that all participants participate in this event under fully understanding of and agree with this Terms and Conditions.